Monday, October 17, 2011

WISDOM 101:CONTROL ISSUES - Welcome to Married Life

Control issues are predictable over the life cycle but especially during the early years of marriage. During the first years of marriage control issues can be at a peak as you figure out who does what around the house, negotiate your relationships with in-laws, which way to hang the toilet paper, load the dishwasher, squeeze the toothpaste and the myriad other things that couples duke it out over early on. Then after you have children, negotiating different parenting styles. If you have control struggles, not to worry, it is normal. The beauty of marriage over the life cycle is how it is like sand paper on the rough edges of our soul, teaches us how to surrender and let go, and in the deepest sense of the word, to share. If marriage is about morphing into mature adulthood control struggles, and learning how to navigate them can be our greatest teacher.

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