Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Thoughts on Money and Decision Making

Last week's blog post was about an underlying truth that wise and mature couples practice.  When in doubt about spending, defer to your spouse.  If you can.  I appreciate that is much easier said then done.  It may not always be possible but when it is will be a great investment in your marriage if not in getting your own way.

Other bits and pieces of wisdom that I have learned over the year are as follows: pick an amount over which you will not spend without a marital consultation - say $50, $100, or $200.  After that, have an agreed upon amount over which you will confer with one another about the purchase.  Like a boat for example.  Do not purchase a boat without conferring with your spouse. The same goes for a pet.  I once bought a Saint Bernard for a boyfriend decades ago.  That's how I know what I'm talking about regarding unilateral decisions and pets.  The same concept applies for smaller pets but that may be a posting for another day.

Don't make big decisions unilaterally.  That is the moral of today's post.    

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