Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A friend who checks up on my blog postings graciously mentioned to me this morning that next week will have been a month since my last posting. Life happens. After a lifetime of what I brazenly call near perfect health, like a bolt of lightening, sciatica took over my body and I have been like a human pin cushion from the waist down for three weeks or so - I lost my Kindle, I swear caused by cognitive discombobulation caused by the pain from the sciatica, and my computer needed to be replaced leaving me computerless for 10 days or so.
Geez, the last thing I need is a therapist who talks about her own issues instead of listening to me, you may be saying to yourself. I don't blame you and trust me, in my office, it's all about you and your marriage. Perhaps my life lessons can have some relevance to your marriage and marriage in general.
One thing that I have learned during this slightly out of control chapter of my life is that people tend to get snarly when they're in pain. That would be me. I have often not had enough compassion for my husband who is a titch older that I am and has very creaky joints. Be nice to people who are in pain. It takes over a big percentage of your life and waking moments.
Take great care of yourself. Slow down. One of my wisest mentors used to always say to me like a mantra Listen to your body. I pass that wisdom onto my clients as well. You can't really love someone else unless you love yourself first.
Meanwhile, at the risk of sounding like little Susie Sunshine, this chapter of my life is giving me a chance to slow down, realize that despite my considerable grandiosity I am not super woman, and get back in touch with my physical self. As I have been slowly and meditatively swimming in the pool - something I never would have done without this bolt of lightening, it occurs to me that pain might be a gift...I actually mean that.


  1. Fabulous post! Thank you.

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback. I was actually thinking about deleting it - if you should see this Anonymous, what did you like about it?